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Over the past 25 years Chris Suser has built The Mower Man™ into the profitable, respected business it is today. After returning from Operation Desert Storm, Chris set out to grow the small engine repair business that he started right out of college. He attended the manufacturers’ technical schools, built a technical support network, got his Maryland Home Improvement Contractor license as he developed his administrative infrastructure. Chris’s dedication, efficiency, and reliability sets him apart from the competition and The Mower Man’s popularity grew quickly.

At Your Home and its franchises build lasting relationships with clients in our communities by providing a much-needed at-home service of outdoor power equipment repairs and tune-ups.  These relationships forge the way to other home improvement services that can be offered, such as home improvements and repairs.

At Your Home Services™ represents the business’s expansion into home repair and increases the visibility of their featured at-home small engine repair offering.  These expansion areas significantly increase profitability and address the seasonal nature of The Mower Man segment of the business. Customers are thrilled to have access to the same trusted team for home improvement services that they can count on for small engine service.


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